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        Real Estate

        After experiencing years of market immersion, the real estate sector of High Hope Group has achieved leapfrog development and the “Nanjing-based, Jiangsu-oriented and Nation-minded” operational structure has started to take shape. The group has developed various types of villa, condominium and commercial property projects with more than 1.4 million square meters and expanded brand influence substantially. Currently, the High Hope Real Estate has successfully developed numerous projects such as Romanvison, Invisible Class, Aoli Garden, Blue City, Jingkou Garden, Central County and won many awards, such as “2006 CIHAF Chinese Villa International Award”, “Chinese Villa Gold Award”, “Best Landscape Villa of China”, “Jinling Cup”, “Yangtze Cup”, “2001 WTO New Generation Top 10 Urban Demonstrative Residences of Nanjing Overall Gold Award”, “Star Property” and “Celebrated Property” for many projects with extensive market acclaim.

        Real Estate

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