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        Supply Chain Operation

        High Hope group focuses on emerging industries such as cold-chain logistics and healthcare and upgrades the three preponderant traditional sectors of textile and apparel, ship and electromechanical equipment, and pulp paper and wood panels with supply chain operations as the core, taking the path of professionalization, specialization, branding and internalization, integrating internal and external resources and building the supply chain cloud platform. The group promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional trade, extends value chain for key industries and commodities, and explores the supply chain mode of cooperative operation of trade services, logistics, supply chain finance and industry investment.


        Supply Chain Operation

        Cold-chain Logistics

        For the emerging cold-chain logistics, the group will accelerate the construction of cold-chain project in Zhenjiang, establish B2B supply chain operation platforms for imported foodstuff, and build a comprehensive operation system of cold-chain foodstuff that integrates warehousing, logistics, processing, display ...


        Supply Chain Operation


        The group will build the healthcare supply chain with the guidance of the overall transformation and development strategies, and adopt the "merge + integration + innovation-driven" strategy to integrate resources, foster the industrial investment and management capability, carve out new niche markets, implement equity investment projects ...


        Supply Chain Operation

        Textile & Apparel

        With its traditional advantages in textile and apparel, the group was rated by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel as "Enterprise with Outstanding Contribution to the Import and Export of Textile and Apparel". Currently, the export of textile and apparel accounts for more than ...


        Supply Chain Operation

        Pulp Paper & Wood Panels

        In recent years, the group has kept its position as China's No. 3 and East China's No.1 in the import and export of pulp paper, and its export of plywood accounts for 10% of the country's total. Currently, the group is working hard to build the O2O platform, striving to improve the sector's service quality and efficiency...


        Supply Chain Operation

        Ship & Electromechanical Equipment
        The strength the group has in electromechanical import and export made it one of China's top  50 most competitive export enterprises. With markets all over the world's major countries and regions, the export value of the sector in 2014 was about 800 million Yuan....


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